Resistance: The Remnant (Book 2) – Kim Bishop


Resistance: The Remnant (Book 2) – Kim Bishop




A new leader, Emmanuel Caine, has emerged within the United Global States of the Earth (UGSE). A force for change, he brings the “promise” of freedom and peace to a people strangled by the policies of sustainable development.

The resistance, led by Marcus Daedalus, has their own plan to free the citizens of the world. Through espionage and open rebellion, the remnant fights on against the tyranny of the UGSE and retribution for the murder of a beloved leader in the resistance.

Led by spiritual forces, Jason Fox and Andrew Stone seek out ancient lost civilizations. Each destination is bringing them closer to unraveling the mysteries of their revelations and dreams of vengeance.

A dark shadow lurks in the background plotting the end of all resistance while the forces of light give comfort, peace, and concealment to the few saints left to fight.

Who will win the battle for mankind’s soul?


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