Nuclear Nightmare – Robert Lucht


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A wealthy Iranian family, committed to Jihad, is building atomic bombs in the United States and placing them in the downtown districts of some of our major cities. The Iranians employ hundreds of people in cities all across the United States to develop the very devices that can eventually kill them. None of these people know exactly what they are doing, they are only providing parts that have a number of uses. The plot covers three continents, and involves numerous subplots. The CIA knows something is going on, but does not know how, who or where this is taking place. The bombs are all set on sophisticated timers that will automatically detonate the devices the first workday after New Years and destroy our largest cities. Follow the story as the Iranians buy and lease properties, build facilities to enrich uranium, fabricate the devices and place them in the heart of American cities. Follow along and a special task force attempts to unravel the plot, and stop the destruction of America. When January 3 comes around will America be dealt a crippling blow, or will it just be another workday?


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