Morning Walks with God – Marlene Burling


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“Morning Walks with God is more than just another women’s devotional. It is the heartbeat of a woman with an authentic walk with God. Marlene Burling does not just go through the routine of having devotions, but lives out the valuable truths that she discovers in her daily time with the Lord and that are contained in this collection. She is a true blessing to the women in our church, and I know she will be an encouragement to the women who embrace this journey of spiritual growth with her.”
Dr. Donald A. Shirk, senior pastor
Grace Baptist Church
Batavia, New York

“Within these pages, you will find encouragement that is personal, practical, and powerful. From her many years as a wife, mother, and pastor’s wife, Marlene has gained much wisdom and personal experience. This book is going to be a great tool to help you to grow in your own personal spiritual life.”
Michael J. Peck
DMin, author, family counselor, Baptist church planter

“This book is unique, as these devotions are practical and related to everyday experiences and will make the reader stop and think about how this reflects in their everyday walk with God.”
Rev. Dr. Robert Chambers
VA chaplain


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