Cosmic Journeys: Death A Rebirth (Volume 1) – Ediel Brown Sr.


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The material in this book is designed to satisfy the appetites of all age nationality race and creed irrespective of geographic location, socioeconomic standing, political ideologies or religious persuasion. Unquestionably all humans are deeply intrigued and fascinated by the realities of Life and Death, of life before life and life after death. It beams a panoramic light on man’s metamorphic cosmic journey highlighting the truth that man lived in pre-aquatic and aquatic worlds before dying to the aquatic world of his mother’s womb to be resurrected (born again) in the post-aquatic womb of mother Earth, then continues his journey into extra-terrestrial worlds unknown.This is not merely a dispenser of knowledge but an insightful impartation of uncommon wisdom on ‘death a rebirth’, to readers ascending their metamorphic ladder towards unity-consciousness, acquiring increasingly greater social, intellectual and spiritual spheres of influence culminating in spiritual and material prosperity.The author’s envisioned ‘wild success’ is that all his wisdom-seeking readers will be transformed into wisdom-finding life-long learners who ascend the consciousness hierarchy to enter their promised royal destiny as enlightened princes and princesses of the universe, seamlessly flowing in divine omnipotent and omniscient energy fields as heirs of God and joint-heir with Christ.


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