The Trouble with Nature: Freedom Tree


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Freedom Tree encompasses a unique race of bees that exist in an autonomous society. A race of bees, and wasps living a life, we as humanians never see are thriving together to survive nature’s troubles. In Belcado, four young honey bees rise and make a life for themselves, thanks to a wise elder bee named Tenni Roh, who under his wing nurtures them into a miracle the underworld has never seen. Zop, Stip, Jot, and Razz become a phenomenon in the Kova forest, changing the world forever around them. Imaginary, perhaps, but the story is challenging in that it is relative to what we humans encounter in our own lives. As the Bee-Telz accumulate their fame, they experience many adventures and hardships on their journey from their home to the forest region’s far reaches. Their creative music charms the insect, bird, and animal world around them, creating a frenzy of interest. The story combines friendship, love, and compassion, the whole theme of Zop’s desire to unite a troubled world through twig tapping music. The adventure from the Kova’s forest to Camilo finds the Bee-Telz building their reputation into a long-lasting bond between bee races. They find happiness and enthusiasm for their music, along with unbeknown resentment and revenge from a clandestine gang of illegal honey traffickers. But the conclusion finds eventual peace, surprising discoveries, and elements of love between Zop and Mitzy Loe. Stip, Jot, and Razz, who make fun of their talented and creative compatriot, end up finding their own love stories. The end is a happy one, and life goes on peacefully for everyone in Kova and Camilo?


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