The Favor


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Chanel is a bright 19-year-old college senior with an amazing future ahead of. She does it all, school, community service, entrepreneurship, and high-end living. At just 19, she is approved to move into a condominium complex not too far away from her school. Everything seems to be looking good for Chanel until she meets her neighbor Trey. Trey is a 35-year-old single bachelor who lives upstairs from Chanel. The two, had a rough start when first meeting. After several attempts on Trey’s part to befriend Chanel, Chanel finally decides to play nice and give Trey a chance. Everything is going well with the two of them, until Trey begins to ask Chanel for “favors”. Chanel, being inexperienced with older men, says yes to Trey and his strange “favors”. Before you know it, Chanel is sucked into a manipulative friendship filled with sexual desires that even she can’t say no too. As Chanel tries to navigate through Trey’s demands, old demons from her past start to reappear and so her seemingly perfect world starts to fall apart at that hinges. Chanel desperately wants out, and to be free, but will it come with a cost. As Chanel struggles to heal from her violent past and Trey’s “favors”, she begins a friendship with Jesus, and discover what truly means to be loved, and experience God’s favor.

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