Team: Training, Education, and Mentorship


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In this inspirational and informative “lessons learned” guide to teamwork, mentorship, growth, and development, highly accomplished U.S. Navy Captain Dana R. Gordon gives readers valuable insights into the things that have helped him in his life and career-all the way from being a successful high school student-athlete, college engineering student, to being a U.S. Naval aviator, decorated ship’s captain, and now the Director of Engineering at Fanatics, Inc.

His objective was not to write a “this is how it should be done” or “how to do it” book on teamwork, but to provide insight into some of the most important things that helped him along the way. He hopes readers will find inspiration through his interpretation of the various quotes, phrases, and words of wisdom that have been a part of his growth and development throughout the various stages of his life and career.

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