Mary Magdalene Discrimination in Biblical Times and Still Today


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The Bible does not say Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, but some people today still believe that. What the Bible does tell about Mary Magdalene, however, is heavily slanted toward the culture with women considered inferior and men totally dominating their lives. Attempting to write the part of Mary’s story not told in the Bible, I still found clues in the Bible as to what is missing. I believe the major clue is Jesus himself. Jesus had not discriminated against women. Even though the discrimination would continue in the next two thousand years, gender equality emerged in the twentieth century and my lifetime. Through personal experience and women’s history, I found reasons for it lasting so long, and you cannot address discrimination without touching on all forms of prejudice because they are basically the same thing. You will realize women’s rights may not be permanent and women’s diligence is still required today, as well as the protection of women’s rights in future generations.

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