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The Grandmother’s Journal provides a way to record interactions with grandchildren so they will have a record in years to come of fun things you did together. It is rewarding to record your interactions and the writings leave a legacy of your relationships as well as your dreams for his/her life. It provides a written record of your love, affirmation, and dreams for your grandchildren. One granddaughter wrote,” Every time my grandmother and I get to see each other, we always sit down and read my book reminiscing about photos and laughing about the funny stories that she has recorded. The book has helped me feel more comfortable and open with her.” This granddaughter liked her book so much I zerox the pages as I add them and she keeps them in a folder.

The writings challenge me to identify and connect with each grandchild around their interests and talents. It is a privilege to watch their physical and spiritual growth and to anticipate what their lives will look like as they reach adulthood.

Praying the scriptures over them is an important part of the journal as I hope in years to come they will realize answers in their lives as a result of the prayers prayed for them.

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