Dream, Sweet Dreams of You


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“Just show them your heart, and they will see your soul.” In the early 1900s was a turbulent and unsettling time for the Latino community in Los Angeles. Illegal Immigrants from Mexico were pouring into California for various reasons, fleeing their country trying to escape from the brutal Mexican dictator President Dias. These scared desperate people found themselves displaced in a small area of Los Angeles known as Sonora town. In earlier days, Sonora Town was the central heart of Los Angeles and was called La Placita. During these transit times, La Placita and Sonora Town were left behind and abandoned by the new City government. Dream, Sweet Dreams of You is a Latino survival love story set in Sonora Town, Los Angeles. The main characters, Juan and Rafella Vasquez, fell in love in front of the old church in La Placita. Rafella, being the daughter of one of the largest cattle ranchero in California, gave up all right to her family#39;s name to marry Juan. Juan, a true-hearted boy, who found himself in a world outside of Sonora town. He settled his dreams by selling his soul for the pursuit of music and fame. Through their marriage, they experienced social indignities leading them to their final emotion, forgiveness.

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