Croatia 5: Hitler Before Hitler Ante “Vlah” Starcevic


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Tearful, trembling, and moaning declarations of Ante “Vlah” Starcevic’s secular martyrdom and sainthood are primarily a 20th-century phenomenon.

Greatest Croat, Greatest Croat Thinker, Croatia’s Aristotle, Father of the Fatherland, Hitler before Hitler, and other glorious titles place Starcevic alone at the top of Croatia’s national pantheon.

CROATIA 5 book attempts to reconcile Starcevic’s martyrdom and sainthood with highly credible 19th-century Croat sources that tell a different story.

More Croat contemporaries than not, including patrons, friends, associates, and followers, consider Starcevic an eccentric, repulsive, evil, divisive, destructive, and dangerous illiterate creep.

CROATIA 5 also presents solid evidence that 1) Starcevic is less a Croat patriot and more a willing and compliant agent of Hungary’s policies as scripted by Ban Levin Roach, and 2) teammate Eugen Quadroni Kvaternik is a looney-tubes political scoundrel of the lowest order.


This book does not pretend to be anything other than it is: an altogether preliminary attempt to identify the basic ethnic, genetic, educational, social, political, psychological, lifestyle, and situational factors that influence and shape Ante Vlah Starcevic’s fundamental social and political ideas.

About the Author: Ivo Vukcevich

Retired professor of political science, NYC born Dr. Ivo Vukcevich is the author of Rex Germanorum Populos Sclavorum – An inquiry into the Origins & Early History of the Serbs/Slavs of Sarmatia, Germania & Illyria (2001). Croatia – Ludwig von Gaj and the Croats are Herrenvolk Goths Syndrome. Croatia 2 – Ludwig von Gaj Opposes Croatia’s Hungarian Heritage (2013). Croatia 3 – New Language, New Nationality, and New State (2013). Croatia 4 – Rise and Fall of the Illyrian Movement (2019). Hrvati 4 – Baron Kulmer, Ban Jelacic, General Nugent, “Seoski Mudrac” Ante, “Rex” Kvadroni, Biskup Strossmayer, 2019. Croatia 5 – Ante “Vlah” Starcevic “Otac Domovine” or Der Dorfweiser (2020). Croatia 6 – Uncommonly Handsome Men (2020).

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