Art of Shadows


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Art of Shadows is set after a great war that ended in the Kingdom of Tokai. The kingdom is currently experiencing a time of peace, but in an age of kings that are determined to keep power, all are skeptical of one another. Soldiers that fought bravely in the Talarian War, now that the war has ended, find themselves without a steady income, and many have turned into swords for hire. These men and women are champions to the people but are often looked down upon by the ruling families of the land.

Our story follows Michael Starr and his companions as they adjust to a life of mercenary work after returning home from war. Their friendships and loyalties will be tested as Lord Vermidius rises to power and seeks to claim the Serenity Palace as his own. Old friendships are renewed, and new friendships are made in the struggle to hold the dark lord at bay.

And an old power long forgotten that brings nothing but chaos and destruction is waiting in the darkness for the right time to be awakened and unleashed once again onto the world. The art of shadows waits for the one to be joined with the Blood Empress so darkness can once again reign supreme over the lands.


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