A Light and Lively Look at Life: A Collection of Limericks


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The bird in my oven’s a ham, A porcine delight with some yam. For lest it be said It’s gone to my head, We are what we eat, and I am. Damon Gross has experienced many idle moments since retiring that have inspired both humorous and introspective writings. In a collection of entertaining limericks, Gross shares lyrical insight from his thoughts while showering, shaving, brushing his teeth, fixing supper, washing the dishes, watching his beloved Hawkeyes win a big game or go down in ignominious defeat, or performing other mindless chores. His limericks touch on relatable topics centered around the changing seasons, such as sporting events, the intimate mating rituals of rabbits, the aging process, the rhetoric surrounding a divisive political environment, and a wintry gloom that leaves us all a bit uninspired. A Light and Lively Look at Life is a volume of lighthearted limericks that share a retiree’s view of the world around him as he embraces all that accompanies the transformations that each season brings.

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